At Women in Balance, our culture is everything.

We are a small company where our guest’s experience always comes first. Our staff is comprised of professionals who are passionate about creating a sacred space for our clients.  We see ourselves as a team that works hard together and plays hard together. We love seeing our attendees grow, bond, take risks, have fun, and experience the trip of a lifetime.

We want our passion for women's wellness to permeate every minute of our retreats. 

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Do your skills, experiences and aptitudes enable you to answer “yes” to most of the questions below?

  • Aside from delivering the highest level of quality and service, can you connect with each and every guest? Can you appreciate each person for who they are?

  • Do you possess compassion, patience and an unwavering sense of humor?

  • Do you possess superb people skills? Do you have a dynamic personality? Are you comfortable carrying on conversations with individuals from all walks of life? Are you able to read social cues and adapt your presentation naturally and easily? Are you confident, caring, warm and friendly?

  • Are you good at anticipating, troubleshooting and solving challenging problems? Can you think on your feet?

  • Can you sustain energy and motivation through long days and difficult (sometimes unglamorous) tasks?

  • Are you comfortable working in the kitchen? Chopping and prepping food?

  • Do you love nature and outdoor activity? Do you also love inspiring others to get outside too?  

  • On the job feedback is vital at Women in Balance. Do you respond well to constructive criticism in order to facilitate the best experience for our guests? 

  • Are you a great communicator? Can you facilitate conversation?

  • Are you ready for an extremely challenging job?  Are you ready to love what you do?

Apply here to be a part of the team: 

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We are a small and growing business and need your help, don't worry you will be compensated above and beyond for your efforts!